The NOBEL (nano-omic-bio-engineering-laboratory) will be comprised of an interdisciplinary group of experimental and computational engineers, scientists, and clinicians that aim to develop and optimize engineered tools to study muscle regeneration and muscle stem cell biology with a particular interest in chromatin and transcriptional regulation. Currently, we are recruiting students, post-doctoral fellows and research scientists to join us in our quest.

Primary Investigator:

Carlos Andres Aguilar, Ph.D.

Self-description in 10 words or less: My obsessions are my family, friends, profession and Michigan football.

Hobbies: Getting jumped on and being a pillow for my sons.

Name: Carlos Aguilar Uniquename: caguilar Department: BME Photo: Akhil Kantipuly Michigan Engineering Communications & Marketing


Kanishka de Silva, Ph.D.

Self-description in 10 words or less: I strive to uncover the unknown.
Hobbies: Spending quality time with my family, hiking, cross country and downhill skiing, kayaking
Jacqueline Larouche
Hobbies: Riding horses, cross country skiing, almost every other outdoor athletic activity, and traveling.
Benjamin Yang
Self-description in 10 words or less: If science excites you, we’ll have plenty to talk about!
Hobbies: Hiking, photography, and table tennis.
Neal Sanna
Self-description in 10 words or less: Hardwork and dedication in all that I do helps me stay passionate and curious.
Mahmoud Komaiha
Self-description in 10 words or less: A Mathematician and an aspiring Euler, Tesla, and Descartes.
Hobbies: Eat, Study, Sleep, Repeat

Scott Haskell

Hobbies: Classical/Latin guitar, mountain biking, and reading (especially novels by Kurt Vonnegut).

Jesus Castor-Macias

Self-description: Inherently committed to self-improvement.

Yonas Simon

Self-description: I set the bar so high; nobody can find it.

Hobbies: Slaying vampires, cooking, dancing, long-distance running, waving at strangers

Lab Mascots:

Alexander & Andrew Aguilar

Self-description in 10 words or less: Bring home candy.

Hobbies: Not napping, building and digging.